LEAP YEAR | Online Exhibition | SALON 91 | OCTOBER 2016

Leap Year was an experimental online exhibition held with Salon91 Gallery in October 2016. ARTIST'S STATMENT: Leap Year is an exhibition as sneaky as the name suggests. Leap years squeeze an extra day into every fourth year and in the same way this exhibition is a way of squeezing an extra body of work into 2016. We do things a bit differently during leap years and the many traditions and festivities surrounding the extra day are indicative of that. Many leap year legends are centered on women being ‘allowed’ to do things they usually weren’t supposed to; like proposing marriage and asking men to dance at parties. So because 2016 is a leap year, in the spirit of doing things differently this show is going to take place exclusively online. I wanted to make my paintings accessible to viewers who don’t necessarily live in Cape Town and can’t physically be at the opening. As usual the themes in my work are as varied as the weather and my mood, ranging from skinny-dipping to sunsets and shindigs. Come have a digital dance with me. – Kirsten Sims. October 2016. Cape Town. South Africa –

The Delicious Monster
Just Be Yourself
Laid Back Larry
Take You Away
Looking Too Closely
I'll Wait
Passive Aggressive
You Should Paint That
A Poem About Fanta
Dance like Boys Aren't Watching
Dress Rehearsal
I did my hair for You
It's A Small World
Morning Glory
The Gist of It
The Sunday Society
Told You So
Where Do You Go My Lovely
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