Artist Statement:
"This body of work explores the idea of the ‘middle of nowhere’ as a place, a feeling, a point of departure and visual exploration of where I am as an artist. I have always enjoyed places that are seemingly separate from the rest of the world. But this is not necessarily an exhibition about far off or deserted places, it is about real, but mostly imagined moments, conversations, events, occasions and memories from my experiences and observations that provoke the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.

The middle of nowhere is also a starting point for my pictures: words, sentences and images from the middle of books, songs and movies serve as titles and texts to be illustrated.

My work is whimsical, exaggerated, gestural and playful. I enjoy exploring the relationship between image and text and try to approach every picture as a new story to tell. I like to use humour in my work to express my opinions and experiences and enjoy the freedom and power that painting gives me to subtly and gently make fun of the world I live in." – Kirsten Sims, June 2015, Cape Town

Friend Zone 1
Friend Zone II
Hang In There
Always The Last To Leave 
And So It Is
Part-Time Love
Inside Out
Somewhere in Seapoint 
After The Avalanche 
Cape Town, Sort Of 
Midnight Ambush
David, Jacks and Phoebe in the Veld 
Mosstalgia II
We Found Love in Public Place
Everybody had  a Really Great Time
Even Adam
Somewhere on Rouwkoop Road
Hermit's Holiday I
Introvert's Clubhouse
Hermit's Holiday II
The Gluten Intolerator
The Raw Food Forager
Island Getaway
Astrologer's Retreat
The Green Smoothie
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